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A Bit About Us

Veterans Green Training is owned and operated by Kelly Caplenas. Kelly is a US Army Veteran. As an Active Duty Soldier and GS Civilian, she has accumulated 20 years of Military Service. As an Active Duty Soldier station at Fort Jackson, SC, as part of the USA Army's Training Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Kelly's first job was training and teaching Soldiers in their Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

Kelly went on to be stationed at Fort Clayton, Panama, Fort Campbell, KY, Fort Gordon, GA, Fort Buchanan, PR, and Fort McPherson, GA.

Once she became a Trainer and Counselor, Kelly worked as a Program Manager for Relocation Readiness, Army Family Team Building, Family Advocacy, Army Emergency Relief, and Mobilization & Deployment.

She was a Master Trainer for the US Army and was often asked to speak at public and private events. Kelly is the recipient of the annual Women in History Award, Quality Advisor of the Year, Army Community Service Employee of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Fort Buchanan Mayoral Award, and more. 

Asan Army Veteran-owned company, we are intimately familiar with the skills that military service provides and how to maximize those skills in civilian life.

Veterans Green Training will teach you what you need to know, get you certified and help you find a job, putting you on the fast-track to a lucrative and engaging career.

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